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“We have designers using HeatWave to predict peak temperature, temperature variation and the effects of temperature on electrical performance of critically matched devices. Thermal simulation has been used on process technologies ranging from standard CMOS to trench isolated SOI and BiCMOS processes.”

Tom Vrotsos
TI Fellow & Analog EDA Director, Texas Instruments

Temperature Enabling Your Simulations

Knowing the temperature of each device with certainty reveals many problems. You can see which devices exceed your critical temperature, and which devices are close to critical, and by how much. The temperature data can also be used to add thermal awareness to circuit simulation and other electrical analysis tools, thereby improving their accuracies. Reducing the temperature uncertainty for each device enables you to reduce excessive margins and optimize your design for maximum performance under actual operating conditions.

Heatwave: Full Chip, Device Level Temperature Simulation

HeatWave™ computes full-chip temperatures with resolution down to the device and interconnect levels, and integrates smoothly into standard analog, mixed-signal and custom IC design flows. The output is temperature data to back-annotate actual instance temperatures into circuit simulation and other electrical analysis tools. HeatWave also delivers a full-chip, 3-D temperature map, which can be used to reveal hotspots and excessive temperature variations in analog circuitry.

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Example electro-thermal loop

Adds thermal awareness to circuit simulation

HeatWave OpAmp Instance Temperature Waveforms